Construction supervision: Part I

This is the first part to a three-part series on construction supervision, a service we provide when webre designing a project, but not installing it. This continuity ensures that the design, which in a landscape is fluid and dependent on site conditions at the time of installation, is built with all the original design intent, in the most site-efficient ways.

So, what is construction supervision?

We supervise all landscape construction and manage contracts that fall under the Landscape Architectbs jurisdiction including:

  • all landscape and exterior hardscape work,
  • coordinating landscape contractors with other contractors on site,
  • field lay out of all hard surface areas (walkways, patios, etc.) B and B proving techniques (often, for example, multiple stone masons will have different styles of stone work and the different styles are visible; we ensure that the look is seamless and high quality).
  • approving plant material quality and size
  • staking or laying out trees, shrubs, and planting beds so that they fit the terrain, views, screening needs, etc.
  • field design and construction of any and all water features and associated surfaced areas in the landscape.B No matter how well you draw or use Autocad, you cannot lay out a water fall on paper without room for interpretation.B We work on site with the contractors to ensure that our expertise is reflected in the naturalization of the design
  • approving irrigation layout to ensure no cutting of corners that results in maintenance issues down the road
  • landscape lighting design

Visit our Gallery page to see construction supervision images.

Come back later for part II b How construction supervision works.

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