Construction supervision part II: How does it work?

Our design fees are typically less up front and contain a balance that accrues with the landscape installation.

  • We provide plans and specifications to meet your design, permitting and budgeting needs, and then help you to pre-qualify contractors suitable for the type of project you have.
  • We then work closely with them to provide a complete scope of work, and get complete and accurate bids so there are no surprises down the road. I am proud to say that in 25 years of business, I have brought in every project at or under the approved budget!
  • During construction, I am in the field almost every day, ensuring that the quality and design intent of your landscape are the best we can build.
  • We coordinate with general contractors, excavators, plumbers, electricians, stone masons, as well as the suppliers of materials to ensure that the process is efficient for all involved and that your materials are the best available at the time.
  • We prepare monthly or progress accounting and invoices for you and a complete final job cost analysis.

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