Construction supervision part III: Benefits

This is the third and final segment to our Construction Supervision series. Below are the benefits customers receive from Construction Supervision.

  1. You are ensured the person most qualified to interact with landscaper.
  2. You have the person most familiar with construction standards, techniques and costs of landscape elements managing contracts and budgets with your best interests at heart.
  3. You are ensured the design and implementation of the best landscape for your site that considers naturally occurring, changing spaces, terrain, and criteria.
  4. Not only are we, the Landscape Architects, working directly for you, but also the landscape contractor will be working directly for you, not for the GC.
  5. You may experience a reduction in General Contractor overhead costs involved, as we take the place of much of the GCbs daily obligations.
  6. There may be fewer design fees up front, during the planning stages of a project while you are still evaluating feasibility and financing.B Construction Supervision fees occur only when the landscape is installed.

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