Let your landscape shine

Whatbs a beautiful landscape design if you can only enjoy it during daylight? Who doesnbt want to be able to enjoy the outdoors once the temperature drops a little and you can light up that fire pit or outdoor fireplace? Considering the best options for landscape lighting can really help enhance a previous landscape investment or make a less-than-perfect landscape design a bit more desirable.

EHow.com offers some great ideas for landscape lighting:

1. Safety Lights
The most common kind of lighting most homeowners consider is safety lighting, or lights that illuminate deck areas, gates, driveways or stairways at night. This choice of lighting can be both functional and beautiful, as well as perform different functions in your landscaping. Consider using a decorative flood light that both lights up a gated area or driveway, but is placed to draw attention to an item of interest in your landscaping as well.

2. Feature Lights
When planning your garden lighting, consider areas of interest that may be especially dramatic at night. Tall trees or hedges, for example, become impressive and mysterious with a spotlight (placed in the ground facing up towards the sky) at the base.

3. Guiding Lights
A commonsense use of garden lighting is to illuminate walkways, protecting your delicate landscaping plants as well as preventing accidents. Styles appropriate for this kind of lighting include entrance or tier lighting. Art Perez, consultant lighting design expert for HGTV.com landscaping, suggests that although solar landscape lights are inexpensive and easy to install, you may not be as pleased with the light output. Perez suggests setting the lights in a southern exposure, as other locations will not fully charge the lights’ power cells.

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