A few great "green" mountain getaways

Mountain Living magazine recently posted a really great, usable travel guide for the high country chocked full of eco-friendly destinations. Herebs a taste of what they highlight in bThe high-countrybs best green getawaysb:

1. Indulge your senses at Mountain Body Spa & Herbal Cosmetic Deli in Park City. One-hundred-percent botanical products include great-smelling lotions, body oils, foam baths, shampoos and soaps. Book a Green Tea Facial, aprC(s ski massage or other treatment, too.

2. On Saturdays, stop by the Santa Fe Farmers Market in the Railyard District. Support the efforts of local farmers and food artisans, and pick up edibles from vendors including Shepherdbs Lamb, South Mountain Dairy, Desert Fungi and Sunstar Herbs.

3. Reserve a table at Six89 in Carbondale, Colorado, where owner-chef Mark Fischer looks to local farmers, ranchers and food artisans for ingredients for his nationally respected sustainable cuisine. Try the brandom actsb tasting menu. www.six89.com

4. Ski in and sip small-batch whiskey and vodka, crafted from local mountain ingredients in a traditional copper pot still, at High West Distillery and Saloon in Park City, Utah. bVictuals,b like gruyere and white cheddar whiskey beer cheese and bbutcherbs specials,b are perfect pairings. www.highwestdistillery.com

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