Creating curb appeal

What is curb appeal? Youbve probably heard about it. Maybe youbve heard that you need it b especially if youbre attempting to sell your home. Basically, curb appeal is the first impression your home gives from the street. Landscape design is a big, big part of this. Itbs important to keep your homebs exterior looking nice, but your yard is the first thing theybre going to see when they drive up, so itbs an important investment to make in your home. offers some good advice when considering where to make alterations to your landscape.

Unlike backyard landscaping ideas, the front yard has to consider access, parking, safety, and invitation. Accenting access and parking areas such as walkways and driveways with a few flower beds and borders will, in most cases, instantly create an impressive and inviting appeal.

But itbs not always a good idea to put all of your planning into flowers and gardens, and definitely not practical in a place like Aspen. reminds us to use other greenery as well.

All season interest is an important aspect that most folks overlook. Knowing a little about the plants in your area and planting some evergreen and semi-evergreen plants can generally give your home some interest in all seasons.

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