Harvard at the forefront of landscape architecture awareness

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, landscape architecture becomes more significant. Thatbs what the Boston Globe is saying. All of this stems from Harvardbs Graduate School of Designbs recent uptick in project involvement with environmental scientists, biologists, anthropologists, engineers, and political scientists. The $4-million grant from a Canadian businessman didnbt hurt either. According to The Globe, the money will allow for more graduate students, attract top teaching talent, and renew its reputation as a leader in the field.

Enter Harvard Graduate School of Design professor and landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh. Van Valkenburghbs work in New York breclaims previously industrialized land, knits together development and nature, and provides public space.b

bA park can be beautiful, but it also can be made from recycled materials, collect its own rainwater, and irrigate itself,bb Van Valkenburgh told the Globe. bIt can create natural areas for wildlife that otherwise are becoming more and more removed from city centers.bb

Van Valkenburgh recently won a job to develop land near the mouth of the Don River in Toronto. The Globe says that his company will lead the project, managing architects, civil engineers, and urban designers, among others. Good news for landscape architecture and landscape architects!

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