Landscape trends in 2010

Spring is well underway, and with summer and warmer weather approaching more people are looking to spruce up their outdoor spaces.

The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado has announced the top ten landscape trends for 2010.

According to the ALCC, this year’s trends involve keeping things local – from the food you grow in your garden to the entertaining you do in your own backyard.

  1. Eat locally – out of your own backyard. The momentum for kitchen gardening that started in 2009 is even stronger as more plants and ways to grow them are available.B It’s now pretty and practical to plant vegetables throughout your landscape as long as their needs for water and sun are compatible.
  2. Outdoor rooms that cater to comfort and practicality are in. Patios with food prep areas, grills, fire pits and restful spaces with plenty of shade and outdoor ambiance will be the top destination for family living and entertaining this season.
  3. Greening-up your landscape. Earth-friendly approaches to landscape design and maintenance are stronger than ever.B Homeowners want less area to water and maintain and are installing sprinkler systems that operate only when water is needed.B City-sponsored rebates are also rewarding them for their water conserving choices.
  4. Water features are now for everyone. Once a luxury, it is common practice for homeowners to request water features in their garden design.B Coveted for their practicality as much as their aesthetic qualities, water features buffer street traffic, provide ambience and can feature plants that only grow in water – like water lilies.B With proper design and installation, they are also a water conserving element within the landscape.
  5. Light it up. Night lighting that highlights your house and landscape is one of the fastest-growing landscape innovations.B Not only does it look great, but it increases home security.B And new fluorescent and LED lighting options mean using less electricity.B LEDs even come in multiple colors, adding variety to your nightscape.

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