Great poolside plants

It’s time to start thinking about sprucing up your outdoor spaces. Placing plants around your pool or water features can make your outdoor space feel like a tropical paradise…no matter where you are. has posted some helpful tips when considering different plants. Since an area near water can be a sensitive spot, they say to select a hard plant that can withstand the elements.

Here are a few of our favorite selections from “Poolside Paradise: Best Plants for Your Pool or SpaB Area.” Let us know what you think of them in a comment.

Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

Ornamental grasses are excellent choices for poolside landscaping: they are easy to care for, not too messy, grow quickly, blend nicely with other plants, and create a striking form, day or night. This particular ornamental grass is Miscanthus sinensis ‘Strictus,’ Porcupine Grass or sometimes called Zebra Grass. Its horizontal stripes give it an exotic look that goes well with tropical landscaping.

Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

This New Zealand native is sometimes sold under the name Veronica. The shrubbier SucculentsB are exotic, striking plants that enhance poolside border landscaping. They prefer mild-winter zones and need regular water with good drainage.

For some varieties, the flowering season extends from early summer until the first frost. Dead-head flowers regularly for constant bloom. SucculentsB require shade in warmer climates.

Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

These orange tropical beauties are Proteas, and look like a cross between orange pincushion (Leucospermum) ‘Hawaiian Sunburst’ and Banksia intergrifolia. Banksias hail originally from Australia. Proteas are usually stiff and prickly to the touch, but also hardy and long-lasting.

Add other tropicals – like hibiscus, cannas and low-growing palms – with Proteas for a tropical paradise.

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