Mario Batali is coming to Aspen!

Mario Batali, good food, and good wine. What could be better? Answer: all of those in Aspen.

That’s right. Mario Batali will be hosting the 2010 Food and Wine Classic in Aspen June 18-20 which will benefit the Mario Batali Foundation.

The Food & Wine blog, Mouthing Off, has expressed some excitement over the charity event.

Basically, itbs going to be the ultimate house party, and herebs why:
1. It features some of Mariobs best Italian grilling recipes. (Maybe, just maybe, hebll preview some dishes from his upcoming Eataly market in NYC.)
2. Itbs got all kinds of tequila drinks and a tequila-tasting bar.
3. It boasts a musical performance by the inimitable Joe Bastianich, Mariobs business partner and resident wine genius.
4. It takes place at the impossible-to-get-into Two Twelve house.
5. It benefits MBF, Mariobs excellent foundation, which works to ensure that kids are well read, well fed and well cared for.

Batali won’t be the only big name there. Some of the world’s most accomplished winemakers, celebrity chefs, and culinary luminaries will help the famed FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen celebrates its 28th year as the premier culinary event in America. Get a full list of the speakers and their schedules and check out a schedule of the weekend’s events.

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