Keeping critters out of your garden

Have you ever had a problem with animals eating your garden?B If so, you’re not the only one.B This problem happens quite often.B Luckily, people that have also experienced this problem have created some innovative ways to keep critters out of your garden and keeping your foods and plants safe.B Don’t worry…none of the methods will harm the animals that you are trying to keep away.

Photo by One Green Generation

Rabbits tend to be the animal that most people have complaints about, so many of the following pertain to keeping rabbits out.B But these methods will work with other animals also.

Here are some great ideas provided by One Green Generation.

1.B Build Raised Beds

Raising your flower beds will act as a barrier to any animal that tries to invade your garden.B Because the bed is higher than the animal is, the animal will be deterred from destroying your plants.

2. Interplanting

Mixing up your plants is a sure way to keep rabbits and other animals from eating your gardens.B There are certain types of vegetables that rabbits don’t like (like onions, chives, and garlic), so mixing those plants in with other plants will keep the rabbits away from your entire garden.

3. Build Fences Around Beds

Building a fence or a barrier around your garden is a great way to keep animals out of your gardens.B There are several different types of material that you can use to make a fence.B The main thing to remember when building a fence is to make sure that your fence goes down into the ground.B Certain animals can borrow underground and get into your garden.

These are just a few ways to keep your gardens animal free.B More methods can be viewed at

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