Pool-Friendly Plants

Before you hop in your pool to lounge around and enjoy the summer sun, it’s time to complete your backyard resort by landscaping around the pool.B A great way to enhance your pool is to add plants.B Aside from the visual elegance that plants provide to your pool, they also provide privacy from your surrounding neighbors.B Choosing the right plants is key to landscaping your backyard and pool.B Be sure you choose plants that use a low amount of water and require little maintenance.

We’ve gathered some great tips to help you select your pool-friendly plants.

1. Select plants that are suitable for the climate in your area.

2. Choose plants that keep their color year round.B If you are able to use your pool year round, you want to make sure that your plants don’t blossom seasonally.

3. Pick plants that are low maintenance.B Plants that lose their leaves often cause for routine clean up.B They can also cause your pool to get clogged if they accumulate too much.

4. Avoid plants that have deep root systems and can cause damage by lifting your pool decking.

Click here for more tips on selecting your poolside plants.

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