Landscaping 101:Different Types of Mulch

When landscaping your yard, it is very beneficial to map out your landscape design and to select the products that you will use.B B An important step in product selection is understanding the different types of products and the comparison between them.B You also want to make sure that all of your landscaping elements compliment each other.B Because many homeowners use mulch in their landscape designs, we want to share with you the different types of mulch and their benefits.

Wood chips and Bark

Wood chips and bark are the most commonly used types of mulch.B The materials generally come from cedar, pine, and cypress trees.B Mulch made from these trees are great to use because it is durable, visually appealing, and it emits a pleasant smell.B If you plan to use the mulch on a sloped area of your yard or in a path, using shredded mulch will prevent the mulch from being easily washed away during heavy rainfall.


Although straw doesn’t offer the decorative element that other types of mulch offer,B it is a great mulch to use in gardens.B When used in vegetable gardens, straw is very beneficial because as it decays it improves the soil in your garden.

Organic Materials

Materials such as compost or shredded leaves are clean, natural materials that can be used as mulch.B As the organic materials decay, they provide a great source of nutrients for the soil.B Grass clippings can also be used as mulch for your grass and plants.

These are just a few types of mulch that you can use in your yard.B For more on the different types of mulch and their benefits, click here.

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