Maintaining Your Landscape During The Summer

As the seasons change, landscapes require different maintenance techniques. During the summer months, it is particularly important to use practical landscaping techniques that will nourish your landscape as well as conserve water.

Here are some helpful tips provided by the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado on ways to maintain your landscape while practicing water conservation methods.

Water Landscape As Needed

Before you water your plants and shrubs, check to see if watering them is necessary. By measuring the moisture of the soil, you will be able to determine if the soil needs more water or if the current moisture is sufficient.

Skip Watering Plants After Rain

After rainfalls of 1/2 inches or more, do not water your landscape until more water is required. Over-watering your plants should be avoided.

Water During the Night

As the temperature tends to be cooler during the night hours, it is recommended that you water your landscape between 9:00 pm – 9:00 am. Watering your landscape at night prevents your lawn and plants from burning, as they would if watered during the day when they are exposed to direct sunlight.

Look For Prints

If you can easily notice prints or trails in your lawn, it is time for the lawn to be watered. You should also water your lawn when the color fades from a nice green shade to a bluish-gray color.

For more helpful landscape watering tips, visit the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado

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