Help Your Lawn Breathe

While fertilizing, mowing, and watering your lawn are all important elements of lawn maintenance, aeration is equally important to the health of your landscape. Core aeration of your lawn is essential in providing your lawn with the air and minerals necessary to promote a healthy, thick lawn.

There are several things that prevent your soil from receiving the proper amount of air, water and minerals. Some of the common factors include compacted soil and thatching.

Over time, your soil may become compacted. When the soil is compacted, it is difficult for water, air and roots to maneuver through the soil to properly aid in the health of your lawn. When aerated, the soil expands and makes room for the root system to penetrate deeper into the ground

Thatch is the layer of organic matter that develops between the soil and lawn. Thatch can often cause drought and lawn disease. Core aeration removes plugs of soil and thatch from your lawn to allow air, water and minerals to penetrate your soil. Regular lawn aeration decreases the build up of thatch.

For more lawn aeration tips, click here.

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