Landscaping The Slopes

Homes built on slopes often cause a major landscaping dilemma. Slopes in landscapes make it more difficult to mow the lawn, especially when the slope is angled at more than 4 degrees. If your landscape is on a slope, you may have also noticed that there is a noticeable difference between the plants and shrubs at the top of the slope and the bottom of the slope. With sloped landscapes, water and fertilizer often wash down the slope and over saturate the plants at the bottom, leaving the top plants water and fertilizer deprived.

Here are some solutions that will help you combat your sloped landscape dilemmas.

Ground CoversB

Ground covers are the best solution to sloped landscapes. Replace your current turf with grass or plants that grow well on inclines. Replacing the original turf grass will also make mowing the incline less difficult.


If your inclined landscape is surrounded by areas of flat land, regrading the landscape is a viable option. Regrading the slope allows you to level out the incline of the landscape.

Retaining Walls

If your landscape is positioned on a steep incline, consider implementing a retaining wall into your landscape design. The soil placed at the base of the retaining wall is optimal for growing plants.

Click here for more sloped landscape solutions.

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