Compost Tea For Your Soil

If you’ve recently noticed a lackluster appearance in your lawn, it may be attributed to a nutrient deficiency in your soil. As some soils suffer from low levels of microbial activity, vital nutrients must be added to the soil to ensure proper lawn and plant growth. Adding compost tea to your soil is a great solution for replenishing the proper nutrients into your lawn. Based in Colorado, Eco-Cycle is a local provider of Microbe Brew, popularly known as compost tea.

Eco-Cycle’s Microbe Brew is a soil enhancer that increases the amount of microbial activity in your lawn’s soil. The microbe brew balances the soil so that it can provide the proper amount of minerals and nutrients to your lawn and plants.

Compost tea can be used on lawns, garden plants & houseplants and perennial shrubs and trees.

Here are some tips on using Eco-Cycle’s Microbe Brew.

Plan ahead b it is important that you apply the tea the SAME DAY that you purchase it because the tea will become less oxygenated over time. Remember, the tea is alive!

Apply once per week for at least eight weeksb& less is OK, and more is better.

Apply the tea by pouring directly on the soil, or, apply with as a spray.

Use full strength for indoor and garden plants, or dilute 50/50 to cover a larger area like a lawn, (including use with the type of sprayer that attaches to the end of your hose).

For larger areas like lawns, use water on the area either immediately before or after so the microbes can easily move down into the soil. Potted plants are small enough that you can water to saturation with the tea itself or a tea dilution.

To use compost tea as a foliar (spray on the leaves), apply in the morning or early evening to limit the damaging effects of UV rays on the microorganisms.

Click here more more details on compost tea.

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