Rocky Landscapes

When youbre planning your next landscaping project, donbt confine yourself to the traditional grass and plants landscape ideas. Landscapes can be unique and visually appealing all at once. Although gravel landscapes arenbt new, they add a unique vibe to landscapes while displaying an attractive look.

Gravel can be incorporated into your landscape in several ways. Use gravel to create pathways, as mulch for your landscape, or add gravel to surface large areas.

Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Incorporate gravel into your landscape design by creating gravel pathways. Gravel pathways are great ways to navigate through different areas of your landscapes and gardens. Traditional pathways are made from saw dust or wood chips, but gravel is a more manageable medium and lasts longer than the other options.

Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Gravel is a great mulch option as it allows water to seep through to your landscapebs soil. Depending on the size of the gravel that you use, it may be beneficial to place a layer of plastic covering or cloth under the gravel to prevent small grains from permeating the soil. The layer will also decrease weed growth throughout the landscape.

Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Gravel is a great compliment to xeriscapes. Gravel surfaces require low amounts of maintenance and are easy to incorporate into your existing landscape design. Gravel landscapes provide a nice area for outdoor sitting, in which you can place outdoor furniture to suit your landscape.

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