Before You Plan Your Landscape…

Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado

If you’re preparing your landscape for the upcoming fall season, you may want to take a few things into consideration before you dig into the soil. To get the best results from your landscape design, take time to properly plan your design.

To help you plan for your fall landscape design, we want to highlight some important planning issues to weigh before you begin your landscaping project.

The main thing to consider before you begin landscaping is the amount of space you have to design and how you plan to utilize the available space. The layout of your landscape is also very important. Inclines in your landscape may need to be leveled before you can proceed with your desired design.

Here are some other things to consider when planning your landscape design:

  • Budget: How much do you anticipate spending on your landscape?
  • Time: How long will it take to complete the landscape project?
  • Children and Animals: Are the elements in your landscape design suitable for children and animals.
  • Type of Landscape: Is the landscape design suitable for your climate?
  • Types of Plants, Trees and Shrubs: What type of plants are suitable for your climate? What plants to include in your landscape?
  • Maintenance: What is required to maintain the desired landscape?
  • Will you have lawn or rocky areas throughout the landscape design?

To help you plan your next landscape project, give us a call.

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