Doctor Up Your Landscape

Last week, The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado provided some great tips on treating unhealthy landscapes. We wanted to share the helpful tips with you in case you are experiencing any of these issues in your landscape. Here are some common lawn issues that may be affecting your lawn.

Drought Stress

Drought stress occurs when your soil lacks the proper amount of water to sustain your lawn. Signs of drought stress include lawn discoloration and hardening of the soil. Be sure that your sprinkler system is providing enough water to your lawn. Also, keep the traffic level of your lawn to a minimum until the grass grows back.

Necrotic Ring Spot

If you notice large rings across your lawn, it may be Necrotic Ring Spot (NRS). The rings appear to be a brownish color, while the inside of the circle maintains a greenish color. NRS is a fungal problem that affects your lawn’s roots. To treat your lawn for NRS be sure to provide the lawn with plenty of water. You should also aerate the lawn and top it with compost to prepare the lawn for next spring.

Click here for more tips from the ALCC.

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