Dye Your Grass Green

Keeping your grass a deep dark green makes your home look better.

Try and try as you may, it can sometimes be difficult to keep the rich green color in your grass. You’ve tried watering your lawn a little more, only to find out that the only thing that changed was your water bill. Now, thanks to a recent landscape trend you won’t have to worry about that dull green tint in your lawn again. Consumer Reports recently posted an article about a lawn dyeing technique that is really catching on. Lawn Smart USA has taken the approach to dye home lawns to give them the beautiful green look you’ve been wanting.

According to Lawn Smart USA, the green paint that they apply to the lawn is environmentally safe and lasts for three months. They also claim that the paint is child & pet safe and contains no harmful chemicals.

What do you think about the idea of painting your grass? Is this something that you would consider for your lawn?

Click here for more details on the lawn dye.

photo credit:B mr. beaver via creative commons

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