ALCC Discusses Trendy Fall Landscape Colors

As the fall season will begin tomorrow, itbs time to start working on your landscape for the new season. Thanks to a recent article from the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado and the 9News Water Wise Garden you can now know what flowers and colors are popular in landscape designs this year.

According to the article, the best colors to select for your landscape are dark, dramatic colors. Since black pansies are largely available during the fall season, they are a great choice to add to your landscape. Other colors to include in your landscape designs are reds, purples and dark oranges. Grey is a complementary color to the darker, dramatic colors.

For possible color combinations, the ALCC recommends the following:

Dark cabbage, kale and dark-leafed dahlias will be popular foliage to combine with the darker flowers or for more wow-factor, to plant in contrast with bright flowers such as yellow mums or orange pansies. The texture of these dark-leafed plants intensifies their drama-especially when they are used in combination with grasses which definitely have a fall look about them.

To read more of the article from the Associated Landscape Contractors or Colorado, click here.

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