Fall Garden Cleaning

Photo Courtesy of ALCC

Although the weather is cooling down, you should not neglect proper maintenance of your gardens and landscapes. Maintaining your garden through the fall will keep your landscape looking good and will also help you next spring as you prepare your gardens for the warmer weather. Fall is the perfect time to plant the shrubs, trees and plants that you want to see in your yard during the spring. You should also divide perennials so that they are prepared for full blossom next spring.

Here are some great tips for fall gardening maintenance that will give you the results you want to see in your garden and landscape during the next spring season.

  • Divide spring and summer blooming perennial plants.
  • Plant new spring blooming bulbs and perennials.
  • After frost, clean perennial beds and borders by cutting down dead flowers and digging up any weeds or diseased plants.
  • After ground freezes, spread mulch over bare soil. Evergreen boughs can be good mulching material for bulb beds.
  • Transplant shrubs or young trees to new locations.
  • Spread winter mulch over trees and shrubs, using up to 6 inches of organic material like chopped leaves.
  • Fertilize young trees and shrubs that have been in the ground for at least a year. No need to fertilize established trees and shrubs if they are mulched.
  • Fertilize your lawn in September and again in November.
  • Mow grass short for the final cut of the year.

More fall maintenance tips for your garden can be found at My Great Home.

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