Fall Gardening Maintenance Brings Spring Blossoms

As you begin to slow your work in your garden, you should consider dividing your perennials while the weather permits. The fall season is the best time to separateB the flowers in your garden to promote healthy, bountiful blooms during the spring. To guide you through the process of diving the perennials in your garden, we have some veryB helpfulB tips courtesy of Fine Gardening.

Divide Perennials During Cool Weather

While perennials can be divided during any time of the year, the best time to divide them is during the fall when the weather is cool. Diving perennials during cool weather allows the root system to grow while the tops are less disturbed by the sun and wind.

Add Compost To The Soil

Upon removing the perennials from the existing soil, be sure to place compost in the soil before replanting the perennials. The compost will provide vital nutrients that have been lost over time from the soil.

Replant Healthy Perennials

The best time to divide perennials is in the year that produces the best blossom (when the plant looks the best.) If you notice that the plant is declining and has a dead center, replant only the healthiest part of the plant.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you divide your perennials and prepare your garden for next spring. Visit Fine Gardening for more tips on dividing perennials.

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