Colorado Rock Gardens

If you’re planning on implementing a rock garden into your landscape, there are a few things to first consider. Thanks to Colorado State University, we have some great planning tips to guide you through creating your rock garden.

The first thing to consider is how the rock garden will fit into your existing landscape. Typically, rock gardens are built on natural slopes or terraces. If your landscape does not have a sloped area, you may need to consider additional land planning to accommodate the rock garden.

While the selection of rocks will vary for different rock gardens, CSU recommends that you only use one type of geological rock in your rock garden. You should also select a rock garden design that can be easily maintained.

An effective rock garden should have several large rocks, some weighing 200 pounds or more. Set the rock into the ground so at least one-third is buried. Place rocks in a natural way, following the grain of the rock. Position rocks to control soil erosion between rocks and to allow soil pockets of various sizes for plants. Use smaller, similar rock as mulch. Place lichen-covered rock to expose as much of the lichen as possible.

For more tips on creating an effective rock garden, visit Colorado State University.

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