Water Your Lawn Accordingly

If youbve been gardening for a while, then you know the importance of proper garden maintenance during the proper season. But sometimes, unseasonable weather changes can alter your regular gardening techniques. Since the weather has been unseasonably warm during this fall season, itbs important to know the proper steps to take to maintain your landscape. The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado has provided some great information on how to properly water your garden according to the temperature and not the season that we found to be quite informative.

Photo Courtesy of ALCC

September and early October are critical times for lawn care and moisture. The absolute worst thing you can do for a lawn is to allow it to become drought stressed just prior to going into winter. Drought stress will push the lawn into early dormancy causing it to shut down its energy before the grass plants have had time to store up nutrients needed to survive the winter months.

Be sure to follow these steps to ensure proper maintenance of your lawn during the warmer temperatures of fall.

  • Give your lawn sufficient amounts of water, especially if the lawn is beginning to enter the dormancy stage.
  • Fertilize your lawn during the last half of October. Provide your lawn with the proper nutrients during the fall in preparation for the cold winter season.
  • Aerate your lawn again. Aerating during the spring and fall will keep your lawn healthy.

Contact Alpine Design and Planning for more information on proper lawn maintenance.

Information courtesy of ALCC

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