Winterize Your Sprinkler System

As the temperatures begin to slowly decrease, itbs important for you to prepare your lawn for the transition from the nice fall weather to the harsh, cold weather of winter. While itbs crucial to prepare your lawn for the cold weather, itbs equally important that you winterize your sprinkler system.

The process of winterizing your sprinkler system entails blowing the lines of your system with compressed air to ensure that no water is left in the sprinkler system. During freezing temperatures water left in the sprinkler lines freezes and expands, causing the lines to burst. Winterizing the sprinkler system mainly protects the backflow device of your sprinklers, which prevents the water from the sprinkler system backing into your homebs water supply.

Before the weather gets too cold, be sure to contact a professional to help you winterize your sprinkler system. Donbt wait until itbs too late!

Photo Courtesy of Currents Magazine

One response to “Winterize Your Sprinkler System

  1. There are many tutorials online to help people winterize their sprinkler systems themselves but some systems are very complex and if you’re not exactly sure what you are doing it is highly advised that you have a specialist help you out. Paying for the damages of not correctly winterizing sprinkler systems is an expense no one wants to deal with. Great reminder!

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