Planting Fall Bulbs Brings Spring Blooms

Photo Courtesy of University of Illinois Extension

As a part of their informational seasonal tips, the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado places great emphasis on the importance of planting hardy bulbs during the fall to produce beautiful spring blossoms. Planting bulbs is a great financial investment in your landscape that will produce beautiful blooms for years to come.

Some of the most popular bulbs to plant include tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. Although these bulbs are very common, there is a variety of bulbs to choose from to create a myriad of colors in your landscape next spring.

Here are some great tips, provided by the University of Illinois, on planting fall bulbs. We think youbll find these tips quite helpful as you prepare your garden for next spring.

  • Properly prepare the soil. Soil drainage is essential in raising bulbs. Be sure to add compost to the soil to keep the soil healthy.
  • Planting Location. Before planting the bulbs, identify the amount of light that each type of bulb needs to grow. This will allow you to determine where you will plant the bulbs.
  • Water the bulbs. After planting the bulbs, watering them will ensure that the soil will settle properly in the planting bed.
  • Add mulch. Cover the planted bulbs with two to three inches of mulch to maintain the moisture in the soil.

Sandra West, of the ALCC, states that the quantity of bulbs you plant is very important. She suggests that you plant in masses, planting around 25 daffodils, 50 tulips or 100 smaller bulbs such as snow drops and crocus. Be sure to plant the bulbs in your landscape after the first frost of the season but before the ground freezes, typically when soil temperatures are around 55 degrees.

Click here for a helpful video from the ALCC on planting hardy bulbs during the fall.

Visit the University of Illinois web site for more helpful tips on planting bulbs.

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