Beetle Kill Pine Issue in Summit County

Colorado Senator Mark Udall (D) recently sent out an email newsletter asking Coloradoans for their ideas for job creation and energy development in the state.B I sent this reply:

In the 1970’s my parents built a home in Steamboat finished entirely in tongue-and-groove beetle kill pine:B floors, walls, and ceiling.B The material was beautiful and easy to work with.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons via Carbon Based

My idea is to log and remove all the beetle kill pine in Summit and surrounding counties, store it in so many of the now vacant big lot and warehouse sites (abandoned K-marts, Wal-Marts, Grocery Stores, etc) to air dry until such time as there is demand for home-building again.B Why turn it into combustible materials (as another reader suggested) thereby releasing all the carbon sequestered in those trees, and further polluting our air with unclean emissions.B The building materials will be needed again someday, and the wood can be used for structural, finish and trim elements.B Pulp could be turned into paper products or OSB.B This program would support the premise of reduce, re-use, and recycle.

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