Winter Tree Care

Drought stress in the fall can be very detrimental to your trees, especially evergreens.B If, as we did here in Colorado, you are having a long dry fall, you may want to hand-water your trees deeply one or two times before winter actually sets in.

Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Evergreen trees continue to transpire throughout the fall, particularly if temperatures are warm, but if no moisture is left in the soil after irrigation has been winterized for the season, trees can become very stressed.B Stress in the fall can make the tree more susceptible to various types of scale, mites, aphids, and beetles.

Conifers especially, can really benefit from fall watering, helping them to fight off pests.B Pines need extra support assist in their battle against Pine Beetle and needle scales. Spruces are particularly prone to mites, scale, and Cooley Spruce Gall aphids.

Give your trees a big drink this fall if itbs dry, theybll thank you in spring!

For more details on how to maintain your trees during the winter, contact Alpine Design and Planning.

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