Finding Safe Solutions to Melt Ice on Sidewalks & Decks

Icy Sidewalk

Image by serk1 via Flickr

Worried about the damaging effects of salt on your sidewalks and decks? B You should be. B Using salt on the road is a cheap solution for the necessity of driving, but think about the damage it causes to your car. B That’s not the kind of stuff you want entering your yard’s ecosystem or covering your beautiful deck. B Instead, try using these solutions to keep your sidewalks and decks safe:

  • Cracked Corn – This is a great way to add traction to your deck after shoveling snow. B It provides traction to your deck, and it is also loved by birds and squirrels. B Cracked corn is a great responsible source of traction for your deck or sidewalk. B It won’t melt ice, but will provide valuable traction.
  • Natural Clay Kitty Litter – This solution can cause a bit of a mess, maybe more than you wish to deal with, but it is a safe solution to adding traction to your sidewalk or deck. B It is safe for your wooden deck, but it can be tracked in like dirt. B The natural clay kitty litter is easy to clean up though, and it won’t damage your floors either. B This method won’t melt the ice either.

Nothing melts ice like salt, but salt will damage your valuable wooden deck, and even ruin your concrete sidewalks. B Try these different methods of traction.

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