Add Landscape Texture with Karl Foerster Grass

karl foerster grassLast week we shared with you how to brighten your winter landscape with the use of Red Twig Dogwood by incorporating it in your landscape in large masses or as a decorative border. This week we want to share how you can add texture to your landscape with Karl Foerster grass.

Karl Forester grass is a reed grass that will add plenty of texture to your natural landscape due to its height. The ornamental grass’s foliage can reach between two to three feet tall with the stems of the flowers reaching five feet. Although rather tall, it does not take much to maintain Karl Foerster grass. It has average needs of being watered regularly and can survive in full sun to partial shade. It is so low maintenance in can thrive in various types of soil and dry to wet condition.

If you want help on deciding if you should add landscape texture with Karl Foerster grass in groups, or narrow places call Alpine Design & Planning, we will gladly help!

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