February Landscaping Tips for the Mountain West

planting seeds indoorsAs you look around all you can probably see is mounds and mounds of snow with no sign of winter letting up. Although it is cold and spring is no where in sight we are one month closer. To help you prepare your landscape for this spring it’s best that you start now. To have your yard in the best shape keep these February landscaping tips for the Mountain West in mind:

  • Give plants a leg up and begin planting seeds indoors since they need to be planted six to eight weeks before the last frost.
  • When the weather isn’t completely treacherous prune trees and shrubs. Prune with caution around those with flowers so your don’t trim off developing buds.
  • Check perennials to make sure they haven’t uprooted from the extreme weather. If they have uprooted press them firmly back into the ground.
  • Keep houseplant watering to a minimum with out fertilizing.
  • Check forced bulbs to see if foliage has reach an inch in height, if so move them to a warmer place that is well lit.
  • Start planning which projects you want to include in your landscape this spring and begin researching design ideas.

For any additional questions about February landscaping tips for the mountain west, or to begin planning your landscape design for the spring contact Alpine Design and Planning!

Tips and image from BHG

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