Tips for Planning an Outdoor Kitchen


Design by Alpine Design and Planning

The trend of adding outdoor rooms to existing homes is becoming more popular as an increased amount of people choose to stay home and entertain instead of going out. Outdoor kitchens have proved to be a favorite addition since kitchens happen to be a natural gathering space and alfresco dining is the thing to do. If you are contemplating the addition of an outdoor room to your home now is the time to begin planning. Keep these 10 tips in mind as you plan your outdoor kitchen:

  • Remember to apply the same good kitchen design principles that would include inside. All necessary areas must function effectively together within the given space.
  • Indoor and outdoor kitchens are similar in function; they just differ when it comes to the surrounding elements. As you plan your outdoor kitchen keep in their relationship to one another and how things will flow between the two.
  • Stick with materials and equipment designed to tolerate the conditions of an outdoor kitchen and is also low-maintenance.
  • The best options for flooring include sealed concrete and pavers, natural stones with low porosity.
  • Play off the design of your home and landscape by using complementary materials and architectural details.
  • Plan your kitchen design around the other elements in your landscape such as the pool and living area if applicable. Make sure all the elements flow together so none are isolated from the outdoor entertaining area.
  • When developing the layout for your outdoor kitchen remember to plan for utilities which should be installed in practical locations.
  • Plan to use your outdoor kitchen through all the seasons by planning space for a heater or outdoor fireplace.
  • Include other needs into your design from the beginning so you won’t have to worry about adding them later. Such as a TV or space for lighting.
  • Be realistic about your needs and what equipment you will need. How may people do you entertain and how often? Will you do the cooking yourself or will a personal chef?

Call Alpine Design and Planning if you are ready to being discussing adding an outdoor kitchen to your landscape.

Tips adapted from HGTV Pro

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