The Aspen Ideas Festival Brings The Intellectual Star Power To The Town

Former President William Jefferson Clinton was a featured speaker during the Aspen Ideas Festival June 28th-July 3rd. The Festival was co-sponsored by The Aspen Institute and The Atlantic

The City of Aspen hosted a symposium of unqualified brilliance and star power from June 28th through the July 4th weekend. B The Aspen Ideas Festival brought a seemingly endless array of high powered members of the media, politics, health, education, and the world of finance. B The Festival even managed to lure a former leader of the free world for an open forum discussion on politics, the environment, the economy, world events, and many more salient topics.

One of the themes of the festival is Exchanging Ideas That Matter. That was epitomized by former President Bill Clinton, who highlighted a busy Saturday. B President Clinton was interviewed by The Atlanticbs Ronald Brownstein. B He was candid and forthcoming as he answered questions on a wide host of topics including the debt ceiling debate, Middle East conflict, and the economy. B More than one thousand people packed the hall to hear the president. B There were some heavy hitters in the crowd as well. B Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, Senator Diane Feinstein, Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

The three days of events and guest speakers focused on the AIFbs theme of dialogue and exchange, as it continues to lead the way in providing a platform for the worldbs most broad and visionary thinkers to express their opinions. B The events that inspire and interest them are often ones that determine our course– and the open forum the AIF offers allows these thoughts to be brought forth. B The festival is committed to bringing these and other ideas to the front for mass consumption.

Other speakers besides President Clinton included David Axelrod, Haley Barbour, Steven Brill, David Brooks, Lance Armstrong, Arne Duncan and many, many more. B For a complete list of speakers at the 2011 conference head to the speakers and moderators page.

This event was co-sponsored by the Aspen Institute, a foundation dedicated to creating stalwart leadership, and paving the way for all of us to live good lives not just for ourselves or our fellow man and woman, but for the environment in which we live.

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