Where’s the Beef?

If a Landscape Architect can’t provide a client with a detailed budget for construction of designs as proposed, what’s she worth?

I think it is our responsibility as a profession, to go out into the field and understand real construction techniques and costs associated with various design concepts.  No matter how deep your client’s pockets are, he/she will almost always want to know accurate cost information.  At least if he or she is in business in any form.  Think of it, do you really just spend 10 or 20 or 150 thousand dollars without knowing what elements comprise that price?  I have clients who are billionaires and who are school teachers; to a woman/man, they all are conscious of what they spend on what.  (Okay maybe that’s not true of one woman who had a $300/week hairdresser but wanted to know why we charge over $100 an hour for representations at public meetings.)

But overall, if we don’t know how to build what we design and we don’t know what it costs, what services are we really providing to our clients?

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